Written and preached by David P. Nolte


Jenny, a young girl, lay afflicted with an incurable disease. Although a Christian, she was touched with fear. When her pastor arrived, she expressed her anxiety, "Oh, Dr. Donald, I am afraid of what's ahead. I can't see anything, and my faith is weak! What shall I do?" The preacher's face grew very tender as he looked at her. He knew she was a true child of God and that Satan was attacking her in her weakened condition. I think something similar was happening to John on Patmos. He was in exile on a rocky little island only 10 miles long and 5 miles wide. Banishment was a typical form of Roman punishment for political prisoners. John, subject as we all are to the weakness of the flesh, may have been assailed by doubt as he languished on that barren island. Of one thing I am certain. Nobody is immune to the attacks of Satan. John may have been tempted to question the validity of all he had preached and all he had believed and all that for which he had hoped. In the midst of his testing and his isolation came Jesus with His "Fear not!" Those are timely words for us all. We can "fear not" for good reason:

Jenny, really doubted her own faith more than anything and she just needed comfort. Not only was that available from her pastor, but from Jesus Christ Himself. It is available to us, too. Furthermore, we can "fear not" for another reason:

Jenny knew her life would be cut short here on earth and needed assurance to face the reality of what was ahead. So do we, and help is available to us. We can "fear not" for this good reason:

As Jenny spoke to her pastor, he said, "A year ago there came into your sister's household a tiny baby. Do you remember all that was done for her? Everyone in the family tried to think of something they could do for that tiny girl. Dainty dresses and a lacy bassinet were made ready before she came. Her food was specially formulated, and everyone wanted to hold and cuddle her. That is the kind of care we give to a new life when it comes into this world. Well, do you suppose that God is any less loving than we?" And he assured her of the final reason we can "fear not!"

As he sought to still Jenny's fears, her pastor continued, "Just as your baby niece was welcomed into a home prepared for her, in that Home He is calling you to enter, He too has arranged everything necessary for your happiness and to make you feel perfectly at ease!" A light broke over Jenny's face. "I see what you mean," she said. "He went to 'prepare a place' for ME!" Sometime later, Jenny went to be with Jesus, but her heart was calm and at peace as she entered that place prepared by Jesus for all who love Him. Would you like to have that peace, that assurance, that hope, that joy that even death cannot annul? Would you like to know that when you breathe your last of earth's atmosphere you can be at once in the presence of Him who gives eternal life? The plan is simple. You must believe that Jesus Christ is God's Son. The Bible says, "He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him." John 3:36. True believers will want to confess that belief before men. True believers will turn from Sin in a repentant spirit. True believers will follow Jesus through the watery grave of Baptism. In that grave we lay aside our old self and our sin and we rise from it filled with His spirit, forgiven and born-again. True believers will seek to serve Him faithfully through all of life. Do you believe this morning? Will you confess that you do? Will you receive Christ as Lord and Savior? You may do so right now as we sing our song of invitation, I Need Jesus.

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